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Llangan Lead Mine Visit

We wanted to get up close to the chimney that is all the above ground structures that remain of the once busy lead mine in Llangan.  We hoped to get a feel for the site and see what we could find to help to build a picture of the works that were there in the mid 19th century.  Thank you to the landowner for making us welcome.


The  20m chimney is almost intact, apart from some cracking at the top.  We could see part of the shape of the building it was attached to from stones from the base of the walls. This building was probably built in 1855 and housed a cornish engine that was bought to drain the mine.  The 2 or 3 story building would have contained the large cross beam and pump powered by coal.

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Using a metal detector, in not very experienced hands, we found two things, an iron nail, possibly used for the roof of the engine house and two parts of a circular fitting made of zinc or tin?  Was this part of the buildings for the mine, or later from agricultural use.

Some bricks on the ground were marked PENCOED.  Pencoed had a brickworks at that time that supplied bricks both locally and also to other areas including the Birmingham Town Hall.  The chimney was mostly made of stone with brick edging a the lower part and brick for the higher part as the chimney narrows.



Lidar images show a likely large building on the site nearby by at an angle to the main engine house but there was no evidence of that on the ground that we could see at the time.  This could be something we could look at in more detail if we could get access to some geosurvey equipment.  Visiting later in the year when the plant cover is less dense may also be an option.

But what buildings might there have been there in that area that related to the mine? .  In 1876 the lease of the site for lead working detailed the structures include on the site which included


  • Agents residence and offices,
  • smiths and carpenters shop
  • store house
  • engine house
  • crusher house
  • lead store
  • miners changing house (likely to accommodate 20 miners as this was the sets of mining equipment held)
  • magazine


This gives an idea of the extent of the site and buildings there across Maesydd, Gelliaraul, and possibly Heol Las.  Very hard to picture yet where all these works were in relation to the modern landscape.  There is much more for us to do to understand the Lead Mine in Llangan. 



The Heritage Hub team and Capel Saron trustees recently welcomes Sian Acomb and her family for a wonderful visit. Sian’s family are descendants of Lewis Jenkins, one of the founders of Saron Chapel.

The Official Opening with Cllr. Christine Cave

A new start for the Heritage Hub!






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